Compensation in a Wrongful Death Case

Compensation in a Wrongful Death Case

Suddenly losing a loved one can be devastating. A death can impact many people in your family, and it’s impossible to replace the person who has passed. Many Nevada families are struck by deadly accidents that were avoidable. You have the right to seek damages from the negligent party that caused the death of your loved one. While nothing can return things to how they were before, compensation in a wrongful death case can be paid to you and members of your immediate family. These funds can help with all expenses related to someone’s death, and they can be of great assistance if a financial provider was killed due to no fault of their own.

It’s important to contact a skilled wrongful death lawyer if a close loved one was killed by someone else’s negligent or malicious actions. A wrongful death claim can quickly become complex, and the other parties involved may seek to avoid responsibility. Contact Oronoz and Ericsson Injury Lawyers to speak with an experienced Las Vegas wrongful death lawyer. Call our office at (702) 878-2889.

Wrongful Death Damages That You Can Recover

Nevada’s wrongful death law is generally focused on addressing compensation for the survivors of a person who has died. This means that the negligent party will be paying you and other survivors for the harm you have sustained due to the untimely death of a loved one. Our accident attorneys understand that money cannot make things right or undue a tragic loss. However, damages can offer help as you and your family seeks to move on with your lives. A wrongful death claim can seek compensation for the following:

  • Lost earnings that the deceased would have been expected to earn had they lived
  • Funeral and burial expenses incurred by the survivors
  • Loss of companionship, affection, and care from the deceased
  • Loss of inheritance that would have been received had the person lived longer

Nevada law also allows for punitive damages to be sought and awarded in a wrongful death case. These damages are in addition to normal compensation, and they are meant to serve as a punishment for the parties who pay them. The court can award punitive damages if it is found that the other party’s behavior that resulted in the death of a loved one was especially careless or even malicious. Your lawyer can help you understand if punitive damages may be available in your family’s wrongful death claim.

Who Can Pursue A Wrongful Death Claim?

Someone’s sudden and senseless death can impact the lives of many people. However, state law does not make it easy for anyone to seek damages in a wrongful death suit. The following parties are the only ones who always have a right to file a claim for wrongful death compensation:

  • A representative of the deceased person’s estate
  • Children of the deceased person, and this includes adopted children
  • The spouse or domestic partner of the deceased
  • The parents of the deceased, but their claim can only be made if there is no spouse or children

You may have been very close to the deceased person even if you are not their spouse, child, or parent. If this is the situation, you must demonstrate how you were dependent on the person before they were killed. This can be done by a number of ways. In addition to showing how you were financially dependent, your lawyer can make the court understand the many personal details of your relationship with the deceased. Our lawyers know that every personal bond is unique. For example, we can illustrate the close relationship that you had with a step parent or aunt or uncle who provided you with guidance and support.

Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers Can Help You Recover Compensation

The death of a close loved one will impact your family significantly. Our injury lawyers understand that money is not an adequate substitute for a lost child, spouse, or parent. Compensation in a wrongful death case is meant to provide you with financial help as your life moves forward. It’s important to contact your wrongful death lawyer without delay. Nevada has a two year statute of limitations for filing wrongful death cases. This means that your case can be dismissed if you wait to file it after two years has passed since the death of a close loved one.

We strongly encourage you to discuss your options with a skilled lawyer. Investigating the details of a deadly accident is often complex and includes highly technical evidence. Furthermore, the other parties involved may not be helpful. Insurance companies fear the high payouts of wrongful death cases, and they may work to stall your case as they try and get you to accept a low settlement offer. Our attorneys have years of experience negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. We know how to build a strong case, and we are ready to use our years of courtroom experience if we have to win your compensation at trial.

Contact Oronoz and Ericsson Injury Lawyers to speak with a knowledgeable Nevada accident lawyer. We understand that the death of a loved one can be devastating for you and your family. Our legal team can help you understand your options for financial recovery during this difficult time. Call our office in Las Vegas at (702) 878-2889.

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