Criminal Law Attorneys For Kidnapping

When searching for the best Las Vegas criminal law attorney or, more specifically, the best Las Vegas kidnapping attorney, it’s important to know what’s at stake.

Kidnapping is an increasingly common charge in Nevada. It can occur in conjunction with the commission of many other crimes, including robbery, battery, coercion, and domestic violence. Prison sentences can range from two years to life in a Nevada State Prison. Needless to say, it’s not something to take lightly.

NRS 200.310 separates Kidnapping into two charges: First Degree Kidnapping and Second Degree Kidnapping.

First Degree Kidnapping is defined as kidnapping (or seizing, inveigling, enticing, decoying, abducting or concealing) a person with the intent to hold or detain the person:

  • For ransom or reward
  • For the purpose of committing sexual assault, extortion, or robbery upon (or from) the person,
  • For the purpose of killing or inflicting substantial bodily harm upon the person OR
  • To exact from relatives, friends, or any other person any money or valuable thing for the return or disposition of the kidnapped person
  • To keep a minor from his parents, guardians, or any other person having lawful custody of the minor
  • To hold a minor to unlawful service OR
  • To perpetrate upon the person of a minor any unlawful act

Second Degree Kidnapping is defined as kidnapping (or seizing, inveigling, enticing, decoying, abducting or concealing) a person with the intent to keep that person secretly imprisoned:

  • Within the State
  • For the purpose of conveying the person out of the State (without authority of law) or
  • In any manner held to service or detained against the person’s will.

First Degree Kidnapping is a “category A” felony and is punishable by 40 years to life if the victim suffers substantial bodily harm. The penalty is 5 years to life if there is no substantial bodily harm.

Second Degree Kidnapping is a “category B” felony and is punishable by 2-15 years and a fine of up to $15,000.

Las Vegas Kidnapping Attorney

Since the crime of kidnapping is extremely serious, it is crucial to have the legal support from a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in dealing with these cases. In many cases, overwhelming emotions can lead to a series of events that can be misconstrued by one or the other party involved. This is almost always followed by a succession of very bad decisions that are made without thought. This is an all too common scenario with estranged couples where children are involved. The criminal defense attorneys of Oronoz and Ericsson Injury Lawyers will utilize every legal means at their disposal to show how the decisions and actions of their client may have been ill-advised, but not criminal in nature under the law.

The lawyers of our firm will do everything legally possible to protect your rights, and shield you from charges that may bring a lifetime behind bars. We have a verifiable track record earned through years of specialization in criminal defense in and out of the courtroom. In cases where someone has been accused of kidnapping or other serious criminal charges, no two are alike. We are waiting to consult with you on the particulars of your case in order to begin the process of uncovering the truth.

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