Investigations After a Truck Accident

Investigations After a Truck Accident

Collisions that involve large trucks often result in victims sustaining catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Truck accidents can cause harm to many people traveling in other vehicles as well as pedestrians nearby. The insurance companies involved in truck accidents take these wrecks very seriously, and it’s important that you do as well. Your injuries can be extensive and may require months or years of medical attention. You have the right to recover financial damages from the parties responsible for your harm. However, insurance providers seek to pay out as little as possible. It’s important to have skilled legal help through every part of your recovery process. Make sure to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer without delay if you or a loved one have been hurt in one of these serious wrecks.

The team at Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers has investigated many truck accident cases. We have years of experience negotiating with insurance companies when representing our injured clients. To speak with one of our attorneys in Las Vegas, call our office at (702) 878-2889.

Insurance Companies Work To Reduce Their Liability To Pay

Life can be very difficult in the days and weeks that follow an accident with a truck. You may be badly hurt, and it can be impossible to return to work, school, or your normal daily activities. During this time it’s very common for insurance companies to reach out to the affected parties and seek a statement regarding the accident. Any written or recorded information they recover from you may be used to reduce a financial settlement that you receive. The insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible. Accident victims are often caught off guard by how little their own insurance company offers them after they are hurt through no fault of their own.

Nevada’s comparative negligence legal standard allows for accident victims to have their compensation reduced by their share of fault in an accident. For example, if you are awarded $100,000, but are found to hold 20% of fault for the accident, then your damages will be reduced by $20,000. However, you can lose any right to damages if you are found to hold more than 50% of fault in your accident. Insurance companies investigating your case will seek to show how you hold some fault for the accident. For this reason it is strongly encouraged that you speak with a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer before discussing your case with the insurance company or anyone else.

Truck Accident Investigations Are Very Complex

Every collision on a road or highway is unique. It may be obvious who holds fault, or fault can be impossible to determine at first glance. Truck accidents are especially complicated. These accident scenes often have extensive damage. Large trucks are complex vehicles that employ many technologies that are absent from normal passenger cars and SUVs. Furthermore, extensive state and federal regulations apply to the commercial trucking industry. Insurance companies use their significant resources to investigate every aspect of an accident and determine liability. Your lawyer must also understand how to gather evidence on the following:

  • Vehicle maintenance – Was every vehicle involved properly maintained and safe to drive on the road? A car or truck driver can be negligent if they don’t properly maintain their vehicle.
  • Driver history – In addition to making sure truck drivers have proper licenses, your lawyer will also have to investigate their previous accident record and time logs.
  • Cargo being hauled – Overloaded trucks can easily roll over or lose control. Additionally, hazardous cargo often requires that trucks have extra insurance to cover harm that they cause in an accident.
  • Recalled parts – A car with defective parts can cause a terrible wreck. Trucks have hundreds of unique parts, and careless ownership can prevent recalled parts from being replaced before an accident occurs.

How A Lawyer Can Secure Your Compensation After A Truck Accident

Since insurance companies aggressively seek to reduce their liability to pay your damages, you need a skilled truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Truck wreck cases are unlike normal car accidents. There are many more laws and regulations involved in a truck accident. Unlike with normal car wrecks, a truck accident can cost insurance companies millions of dollars. Therefore, it’s common for insurance providers to use their lawyers to greatly reduce any possible payout to which you may be entitled. Our truck accident attorneys have investigated many serious traffic wrecks. We know how to review the evidence in your case and determine if one or several of the following parties were responsible for your injuries:

  • The truck driver – Truck drivers are supposed to have proper training and licenses in order to safely drive their vehicles. Unfortunately, they can cause a terrible wreck if they are not trained, not paying attention, or intoxicated.
  • The trucking company – Truck companies must make sure that their drivers are ready for the road, and that any vehicles they own are in condition to be safely operated.
  • Third parties – A parts manufacturer or maintenance company can be responsible for a wreck that they cause due to their negligence. Improper truck loading by third parties also cause many serious accidents on roads and highways.

Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers Can Help You

A truck accident can be devastating for everyone involved. It’s important to contact an experienced truck collision lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your right to financial recovery. The insurance providers involved will investigate your accident with the objective of paying out as little as possible. Knowing how a truck insurance company investigates a crash is essential for those seeking damages. Our attorneys understand this, and we know how to build a strong case for your compensation after you were hurt through no fault of your own. Given Nevada’s strict two year statute of limitations for personal injury, we encourage you to call your lawyer without delay.

Contact Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers to speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer. You can call our office in Las Vegas at (702) 878-2889.

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