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Not every car accident case is cut and dry, and this especially goes for single-vehicle accident cases. With so much to investigate and many factors at play, it may prove to be difficult to resolve your accident claim on your own. Therefore, it may be best to consult first with an experienced Las Vegas Single Vehicle Accident Lawyer before beginning.

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Typically, in car crashes involving an additional vehicle and driver, the injured victim would take action against whoever the negligent party was. In a single-vehicle accident, however, there are no other drivers involved—and therefore, how do you determine liability? Just because you were the only driver involved does not automatically mean that you were the one at fault. Accidents occur because something beyond our control occurred.

Some of the most common causes of single-vehicle accidents include:

  • Poor road maintenance
  • Defective traffic lights
  • Debris in the road
  • Inadequate, defaced, or missing traffic signs or signals
  • Defects in the auto parts or equipment, such as faulty brakes or steering

One of the most common types of single-vehicle accidents occurs when the car is run off the road. For example, a pothole can cause a car to careen and get run off the road. Nearly 30 percent of fatal car accidents across the nation involve off-road and single-vehicle accidents. It is important that your Las Vegas car accident lawyer evaluates your case fully to determine where the source of the accident is. That is what will be used to build a compelling claim to present to the insurance companies.

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