Roadside Testing for DUI: Marijuana

A Promising New Device to Detect THC Levels in Drivers

In the recent election here in Nevada, there was much debate over the legalization of recreational marijuana.On one side of the aisle, concerned voters who worried that making pot legal would put thousands of drivers on the road under the influence of marijuana, without a way for law enforcement to detect it.

Current detection methods, like testing the blood or saliva of suspected impaired drivers, are not known to be completely reliable as they don’t necessarily indicate immediate impairment in people who frequently use the drug.That’s why law enforcement and defense attorneys are looking for an alternative.

Enter the roadside marijuana breathalyzer… a new device currently being tested by Hound Labs.

Steven Nelson, a Staff Writer for U.S. News & World Report, recently covered the new tool. Though the product has a way to go, some are very excited about its potential.

Hound Labs: Capabilities of the THC Breathalyzer

Dr. Mike Lynn, the CEO of Hound Labs, is an emergency room doctor, who also works as a reserve deputy sheriff in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to the company, the Hound™ breathalyzer will give “law enforcement immediate measurements for the few hours that THC is present in breath, allowing them to identify drivers who are actually impaired from recent use.”An even bigger breakthrough is the ability of the product to determine whether the driver has smoked marijuana or ingested it through edibles like brownies or THC infused candy.

The company is currently conducting testing with numerous California law enforcement agencies. Though it may take several months, perhaps even years to implement in police departments across the country, the company’s goal is to reduce the number of accidents and deaths on our roads as the number of people consuming marijuana rises.

If this device works and can survive the rigorous tests it will need to undergo before it gets into the hands of our Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, it could be a great solution to address the problem of the growing number of marijuana-impaired drivers while at the same time preserving the interests of law enforcement and marijuana advocates.

Trial-Tested Legal Defense

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For the full U.S. News & World Report article by Steven Nelson, including the specifics of the device’s initial testing, click here.

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