Third Party Injuries on Construction Sites

Third Party Injuries on Construction Sites

Construction jobs sites are often dangerous places for workers. These challenging jobs can require extensive training and safety measures. However, there are still many injured workers who are hurt every week on construction jobs throughout the Las Vegas area. A simple oversight or negligent act can result in serious harm being inflicted to workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that over 1,000 construction workers are killed in the United States while on the job every year.

It can be difficult to understand your options for financial recovery if you are injured while on the job. Speaking with a knowledgeable Nevada injury lawyer can help as consider your options after being badly hurt on a construction site.

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What Is a Third Party Claim?

Third party injuries on construction sites involve liable persons or companies who are neither the injured victim or their employer or coworkers. In most cases, when you make a workers’ comp claim, you cannot sue your employer. However, if someone else was responsible, such as another contractor or a completely different person, then you can sue them as well as receive workers’ comp.

There Are Many Types Of Accidents Caused By Third Parties

Steps must be taken by all parties in order to make your workplace safe. If you are injured on the job, your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance is meant to help you recover financially. However, individuals or companies other than your employer must also take all reasonable steps to avoid causing you harm. Construction job sites are constantly changing, and you may frequently be working alongside people who are unaffiliated with your employer. There are countless types of accidents that can cause injuries on a construction job. Some of the ways you may be hurt due to the actions of a third party include:

  • Defective tools or equipment – A poorly designed or manufactured tool can cause a devastating accident on a construction site. The company responsible can be held liable to pay you compensation for your injuries caused through their negligence.
  • Slip and fall accidents – Dangerous walkways or stairs frequently cause terrible falls for unsuspecting victims. A third party who was responsible for building or maintaining a walkway can be held liable if they fail to keep this area safe.
  • Chemical poisoning – Construction workers frequently use powerful substances to alter materials or operate equipment. If not properly manufactured or stored, these substances can cause terrible harm to a responsible user.
  • Electrical accidents – Third parties who install electrical systems that are present on your construction site must take proper precautions to prevent unnecessary harm. Electrical accidents kill and injure hundreds of victims in Nevada every year.
  • Auto collisions – You can be injured by a negligent driver while you are driving for a work related purpose. Your car accident injury lawyer can pursue damages from the other driver who caused you injury.
  • Assault – Sometimes workers are assaulted by other workers or people who trespass on the job site for malicious purposes. You have the right to pursue a third party claim and seek damages from the person who assaulted you.

How A Lawyer Can Help You Recover After A Construction Accident

Nevada construction workers generally have the option to pursue workers’ compensation damages after being hurt on the job. There are exceptions to this, and certain workers such as domestic servants and agricultural laborers may not be covered by workers’ comp insurance. A work related injury can be very complex, and it’s common for workers to be uncertain of their rights after being hurt through no fault of their own. Hiring a skilled injury lawyer can make sure that you properly pursue all of your options for financial damages. A third party action can be made while your legal counsel also pursues workers’ compensation benefits on your behalf. Key differences between your workers’ compensation claim and your personal injury lawsuit include:

  • Establishing liability – A third party action requires your lawyer to demonstrate the fault of the other party just like in any other negligence suit. Workers’ compensation claims do not require showing fault, you must simply show that you were hurt while in the normal course of your employment.
  • Damages that can be recovered – Workers’ comp claims can only recover damages that can be shown in specific dollar amounts such as medical bills, lost wages, and vocational training needs. Third party personal injury claims can also recover compensation for less specific damages such as pain, suffering, and emotional distress.
  • Timeframe to act – Workers’ compensation claims in Nevada require filing a notice to your employer’s insurance company within 90 days of your injury. However, third party personal injury claims do not require such notice, and are subject to Nevada’s two year statute of limitations law.

Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers Can Help You After A Work Injury

It’s important to act quickly after a work related injury. Being hurt on a construction site can be devastating. You may require extensive medical help, and it can be a long time until you are able to return to work or other activities you once took for granted. Contacting a skilled Nevada injury lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal process ahead. Our legal team understands that every case is different, and that you need to secure every dollar of financial damages to which you are entitled. Speaking with one of our injury lawyers can help you understand all of your options for recovering compensation. We strongly encourage you to act without delay after being hurt while on the job.

Contact Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers to speak with a knowledgeable Las Vegas lawyer if you or a loved one have been hurt on a construction job site. Call our office today at (702) 878-2889.

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