Types of Experts You May Consult in a Personal Injury Case

Types of Experts You May Consult in a Personal Injury Case

Insurance companies don’t just hand over money to those making claims and juries don’t render verdicts unless they feel there’s a solid basis for them. Often in personal injury cases evidence needs to be provided beyond eyewitness accounts and the parties telling their side of the story. There are some issues that need to be explained and educated opinions need to be given by experts for a personal injury case to be successful.

We may be experts on our own thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, but there are many things we simply lack the knowledge, education and experience to give an informed opinion.

  • What distance should a pickup truck using two-year-old tires be able to come to a complete stop after its brakes are applied while it’s travelling at 55 miles per hour on a water covered road?
  • How impaired should someone be if they started driving twenty minutes after smoking marijuana?
  • How often should brakes on a commercial truck be inspected?

Depending on the facts of a personal injury case, an issue like one of these could be critical to its outcome. Experts in a personal injury case are used to get some types of specialized evidence and their opinions into evidence at a trial or their reports could be provided to an insurance company to help substantiate a claim. How many and what kinds of experts will be used depends on the case.

Who Qualifies as an Expert?

In Nevada state courts for someone’s expert testimony to be admitted in a legal case,

  • The person must be qualified in an area of scientific, technical or other specialized knowledge;
  • Their specialized knowledge must assist the trier of fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue

A court must decide if someone is an expert based on a number of factors, including:

  • Formal schooling
  • Academic degrees
  • Licensure in a profession
  • Work experience
  • Practical experience
  • Specialized training

In most cases both sides’ use of expert witnesses is not disputed. The person is clearly qualified and has testified in many cases in the past. However, if a party believes a potential witness isn’t qualified as an expert, it can be the basis for trying to prevent someone from testifying. This is an issue the judge would need to decide.

What are the Experts in a Personal Injury Case?

Any number of experts could be used in a case:

  • As an injured party you would work with a medical expert. Your treating physician may qualify as an expert. You may be sent to a highly respected medical specialist to get his or her opinion on the degree of physical or mental limitation caused by an accident and how long it will probably last. You might also be seen by a specialist hired by the insurance company so they can get an expert opinion too.
  • An accident reconstructionist may ask you about your vehicle and what happened before an accident so this expert can determine what happened, how and why
  • A person specializing in vocational rehabilitation could be used to state what future jobs you might be able to perform, given your limitations caused by the accident.
  • You may need to turn over tax returns and documents about your income to an economist who may be able to state your pre-accident income and what you would have been expected to earn if no accident occurred and what you should expect to earn after sustaining your injuries

Your personal injury claim is all about telling your story. There are parts of that story that need to be told by experts in order for you to obtain the best outcome possible.

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