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Car accidents in Las Vegas are unfortunately all too common. It seems that daily on Las Vegas streets, cars are involved in serious accidents where people are injured and sometimes killed.

Numerous problem spots exist, for example, Sahara and Decatur has an abundance of accidents, and the Spaghetti Bowl is also notorious for serious accidents.

If you are injured in a car accident that is the result of someone else’s carelessness, you have a very important choice to make. Your choice may have huge consequences. If you choose to hire the wrong lawyer, you could either lose your case completely or recover far less than you deserve. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for most people to know who the best lawyers are to go to if they are injured in a Las Vegas car accident. Oftentimes, billboards and television commercials are misleading, at best, and downright deceptive, at worst. If you’re injured in a car accident in Las Vegas, you absolutely need a lawyer who has the ability and experience to litigate and fight your case. In other words, you need a lawyer who can go to court and who can beat the insurance companies at their own game. Too many personal injury firms in Las Vegas have paralegals handle a car accident case from beginning to end. Paralegals play a valuable role in law firms; however, at Oronoz and Ericsson Injury Lawyers, our policy is that you will work directly with attorneys who will be available for you, who will return your calls promptly, who will answer your questions, and who will give 100% effort on your case. There are very good reasons to hire Oronoz and Ericsson Injury Lawyers for your car accident case. Simply put, we have the experience and legal expertise to get you the best possible outcome. Don’t take our word for it. Read our former client reviews. Ask us for names of past clients who would be happy to speak with you. Come in and sit down with us. That is the way to make an informed decision.

We guarantee to put you in the best possible position to win if you’re injured in a Las Vegas car accident case. In conclusion, it bears repeating that we will make you the following guarantees:

  1. we will absolutely 100% fight the insurance company on your behalf;
  2. we will bring all of our legal experience and expertise to bear on your behalf;
  3. you will work directly with an attorney—not a paralegal, not a case manager;
  4. we will return your calls within 24 hours, or sooner, and we will take as much time as necessary to make sure your questions and concerns are answered and addressed.

If you are injured in a Las Vegas car accident, call us immediately, and we will help you maximize your recovery.

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