Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers

The process of finding and hiring the right criminal defense attorney can be an exhausting and, sometimes, intimidating task. There are literally thousands of lawyers in Las Vegas alone. How do you separate the good attorneys from the bad ones? Do you need an attorney who specializes in an area of law related to your case? Can you trust the advertising you see on billboards and commercials? In this short video we’ll try to provide you with a few tips for what to look for (and what NOT to look for) when looking for defense counsel.Unfortunately, while some of the best attorneys in the country specialize in criminal law, the practice also attracts unscrupulous lawyers who try to make an easy living by taking advantage of people in difficult situations.The most common scam for second-rate criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas involves funneling quote-unquote “referrals” through a bail bonds service. Essentially, these lawyers pay money directly to bail agents in exchange for clients. This practice is not only unfair to the clients, who think they’re getting a good recommendation, but is illegal in the state of Nevada. If a bail bond agent has handed you the card of an attorney, you have been the victim of unlawful collusion! Look for an attorney who specializes in handling YOUR type of case. It’s important to narrow down your search so you don’t waste time explaining your case to firms that don’t have the experience you need.

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