Common Truck Driver Errors That Lead To Accidents

James Oronoz

Although some accidents cannot be avoided, the majority of crashes are caused by driver error. That includes truck drivers. There are many types of truck driver errors that can lead to a wreck.

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Some common causes of truck accidents include:

1. Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers are pushed to work long hours, often exceeding federal trucking regulation hour requirements. As a result, they drive when they are tired and put everyone on the road in danger.

2. Intoxication

Many truckers resort to drugs and alcohol to cope with long hours and stressful activities. Intoxication can lead to slower reaction times and an inability to maneuver the enormous vehicle they’re driving.

3. Speeding

Truck drivers often try to get from place to place as quickly as possible, leading to speeding. Not only is going over the speed limit against the law, but it can make it impossible to stop soon enough to avoid an accident.

4. Lack of Training

Trucking companies often rely on truckers to get trained on their own for handling large vehicles and loads. It can be challenging to know how to secure loads and make right turns appropriately. If a driver does not have the proper training to operate their rig, they may be at fault for a wreck.

5. Lack of Qualifications

All truck drivers must have a CDL endorsement on their drivers’ licenses. Also, they should be qualified to handle hazardous or large loads if they drive specialized trucks. Without these qualifications, a driver may make a fatal error.

6. Improperly Secured Cargo

All cargo must be adequately secured, which can take time and effort. Many drivers skip steps and try to avoid the extra work of properly securing pallets, imbalanced products, and other loose loads. Cargo that falls onto the roadway can lead to an accident or directly hit other vehicles.

7. Failing To Maintain the Truck

Big trucks require routine maintenance. This responsibility falls on the driver as well as the trucking company. Poorly maintained trucks lead to accidents when they fall apart.

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