Motorcycle Dooring Accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Motorcycle accidents can be scary, expensive, and devastating. Bikers face added threats when riding down a road that typical passenger vehicles don’t. They must watch out for road defects, large trucks, and other cars that might not see them on the highway.

Another threat motorcyclists face is dooring, an accident that could propel bikers from their seats and cause life-long injuries.

What is Motorcycle Dooring?

A motorcycle dooring accident occurs when the door of another vehicle opens unexpectedly and hits a motorcyclist. This type of accident can be hazardous and may cause the motorcyclist to lose control of the bike, eject them over the handlebars, or cause them to fall into oncoming traffic. There’s a high likelihood of injury and even fatality in a dooring accident.

Is Dooring Illegal in Nevada?

Nevada Revised Statute § 484B.153 states a door cannot be left open on the side of a vehicle “which is closest to passing traffic longer than is necessary for immediate loading or unloading of passengers or cargo.” This may apply to dooring accidents caused by driver carelessness or negligence and can be used to determine liability.

How Dangerous is Dooring?

Motorcycle accidents account for 19.2% of Nevada’s total fatalities, and motorcyclists are 28-times more likely to get in an accident. Those are staggering statistics, which is why motorcyclists must be sober, licensed, and vigilant every time they ride. Dooring accidents can occur when a motorcyclist is distracted, speeding, or maneuvering their bike in dangerous ways.

If you’re unable to react quickly enough to avoid a dooring accident or if you can’t prevent it because of another driver’s negligence, you could be seriously injured.

Common Dooring Injuries

Common motorcycle crash injuries involving dooring accidents include:

Who’s at Fault in a Dooring Accident in Las Vegas?

While some accidents have one party in the wrong, sometimes the fault in a motorcycle accident can be challenging to determine.

In Nevada a jury decides how much each party is at fault and assigns a percentage of the blame. Even if a jury determines that you were partially at fault, you can still obtain compensation in a motorcycle dooring accident if you are less than half at fault.

Could Motorcyclists Share Fault for Dooring?

Accidents can be complicated, and there may be more than one responsible party in a multi-vehicle accident. If a motorcyclist has been speeding, driving while impaired, or driving recklessly, there may be fault on their part in a dooring accident.

If they have been lane splitting, some fault may also lie with the motorcyclist in a dooring accident.

Nevada law prohibits lane splitting, which is when a motorcyclist rides between cars or lanes of traffic.

A personal injury lawyer can help you determine liability and negligence, file a claim, and seek the compensation you may be owed after a dooring accident.

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