Car Accident

$ 2.2 Million Car Accident

When our client was injured in a Las Vegas car crash, we handled their case directly and recovered over $2 million dollars for their physical, psychological, and financial injuries.

$2.6 Million Car Accident

Our highly skilled and aggressive car accident lawyers know what it takes to get the maximum compensation possible. When an seriously injured client reached out to us, we fought for everything he deserved, and settled his claim for $2.6 million.

$1.1 Million Car Accident

When our client came to us, they were injured and needed help. We handled their personal injury claim, negotiated with the insurer, and recovered over a million dollars to get them back on their feet.

$2.25 Million Car Accident

After a serious car wreck, the attorneys with Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC fought for their inured client and recovered $2.25 million dollars to compensate them for their various losses. This gave their clients what they needed to heal and move on with their lives.