About Battery And Domestic Violence Charges

Unlawfully perpetrating physical violence on another person goes from simple battery to domestic violence when that person is related by blood or marriage, or currently/formerly cohabitated with the accused. Dating relationships where…

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Types Of Sex Crimes

Prostitution The Law: Nrs 201.354 And Nrs 207.030 NRS 201.354 provides the rules and penalties for prostitution. It's unlawful for any person to engage in prostitution, except in a licensed house…

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Types Of DUI Charges

There are many different types of DUI charges, and the seriousness can vary depending on who you are, what your situation is, and what you are under the influence of.…

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Solicitation, Prostitution and STDs

Prostitution and STDs are strongly connected because prostitution can lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. In Nevada's legal brothels, prostitutes and clients are required by law to use…

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Criminal Law Attorneys For Kidnapping

When searching for the best Las Vegas criminal law attorney or, more specifically, the best Las Vegas kidnapping attorney, it's important to know what's at stake. Kidnapping is an increasingly common charge in…

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Sexual Assault On A Minor

Sexual Assault on a Minor is a crime that is taken very seriously. The charges can be quite complex and generally require the ability to contest scientific physical evidence, allegations…

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