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As Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, we have seen many burn injuries and victims. We know how seriously these injuries can affect victims’ lives and the lives of loved ones who must step in to provide around-the-clock care, financial support, and emotional support. Even if victims make a full recovery, the scarring and loss of sensation they experience can follow them for the rest of their lives.

If you or someone you love has sustained burn injuries, please reach out to Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC. We’re determined to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (702) 878-2889 or use our online contact form for help in Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County, or the surrounding area.

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"Great people to deal with"

Great people to deal with. They did a great job with the work. Rachael Stewart does a great job. If you need an attorney I recommend these folk for sure.

Douglas A.

"Earlier this year I was traveling with my family"

Earlier this year I was traveling with my family when we were hit at a high speed by a drunk driver. The impact was so severe that my car was thrown completely off the road…

Bob G.

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I am extremely grateful to Jim, the other lawyers in his office, as well as his entire staff for helping me with my personal injury case. Attorney client privilege as all about trust and privacy….

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Why You Need a Las Vegas Burn Injury Attorney

For many people, the thought of hiring an attorney after a home, work, or airbag burn is overwhelming. They may picture endless meetings, worry about writing a huge check to their lawyer, or going to court. The reality of hiring a Las Vegas burn injury lawyer is much different.

To understand why you need an attorney as a burn victim, you have to know what you’re up against when you have sustained injuries. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, there may be several parties responsible for your injuries. If you are injured at work, for example, you may have to seek burn injury at work compensation through your company’s workers’ compensation insurance. If there’s a fire in someone else’s home, their home insurance company may have to payout. When accidental exposure to chemicals leaves you injured, the party responsible for safely storing the chemicals could be responsible.

No matter what the circumstances of your burn injury are, there’s one thing you can expect: the other party pushing back against your claim. Insurance companies, though they claim to be in the business of helping people, are really in the business of collecting premiums and minimizing their payouts. If you sustain injuries that are likely to leave you with $10,000 of bills and lost wages, the company will do everything it can to convince you to accept less.

This plays out different ways for different insurers. A workers’ compensation insurance company, for example, will try to prove that the incident occurred outside the course of your work duties or that the incident is attributable to your own negligence. A home insurance company may try to prove that the homeowner had the necessary safety equipment. All insurance companies will look for holes in your story or proof that your injuries aren’t as bad as you claim.

That’s why you should not communicate with the insurance companies without a plan in place. They aren’t above using anything you say against you as they figure out how much they are willing to offer you. An attorney can help you avoid common mistakes associated with personal injury cases. They will also analyze your medical records and other evidence to figure out the extent of your injuries and understand how your injuries are likely to impact your life going forward. With this information, they can go to the negotiating table with a solid plan.

The longer you wait to speak to an attorney about your burn injury, the harder it is for them to negotiate on your behalf. Each time you talk with the insurance company on your own, you risk damaging your own case. As soon as possible after your injury, call Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC and schedule a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

Common Causes of Injuries That Lead to Burn Injury Settlements in Nevada

Burn injuries are quite common in the United States. Each year, there are roughly 1.1 million burn injuries that require medical attention. Burn injuries are often caused by:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, which may cause fires, chemical burns, and friction burns
  • A deployed airbag can cause thermal burns and lead to an airbag burn lawsuit
  • Exploding furnaces or other appliances
  • Defective candles
  • Defective electrical wiring
  • Gasoline spills
  • Defective products
  • Industrial/workplace accidents
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Settlement for the tragic loss of a loved one.

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Recovered for a severely injured client after a motorcycle crash.

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Types of Las Vegas Damages in Burn Injury Suits

The compensation you receive depends on the details of your case and the insurance adjuster handling the other party’s case. As we research your case and look at the evidence, we will consider different types of damages you may be entitled to. Common types of damages in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burn settlements include:

  • Current lost wages
  • Future lost income; this includes any permanent disability that limits your earning ability
  • Medical bills, including current bills and future care you may need
  • Costs of nursing care
  • Compression therapy
  • Skin grafting
  • Counseling and therapy to prevent or treat trauma caused by the accident
  • Physical therapy and other types of rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering

As a victim, it’s likely that you have not realized the myriad ways in which your burn injuries will affect your life. Insurance companies count on this. They offer an amount that seems like more than enough to cover your current medical expenses, hoping you’ll settle just to be done with the situation. By the time you realize how much medical care you need and how much time you need to take off of work, it is too late to negotiate your settlement or proceed with a lawsuit.

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The road to healing is long and bumpy. It is even more difficult when you have to handle the financial and legal aspects of your injuries. Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC knows how important it is for victims to have solid and reliable legal representation. We’re ready to help you as you move on from your injuries.

As you recover, we will negotiate aggressively on your behalf with the insurance company and, if necessary, prepare to take your case to court. Take the first step now by calling us at (702) 878-2889 or filling out our online contact form.