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Drivers make small mistakes every time they get on the road—not checking before switching lanes, rolling through stop signs, or driving slightly too fast for conditions. In most cases, these small errors cause nothing but a little bit of frustration. Sometimes, however, a poor driving choice can lead to a serious failure to yield accident.

Failure to yield is one of the leading causes of accidents in Nevada. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Las Vegas, Henderson, or surrounding areas that was no fault of your own, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC today. Call us at (702) 878-2889 or use our online contact form.

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Earlier this year I was traveling with my family when we were hit at a high speed by a drunk driver. The impact was so severe that my car was thrown completely off the road…

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I am extremely grateful to Jim, the other lawyers in his office, as well as his entire staff for helping me with my personal injury case. Attorney client privilege as all about trust and privacy….

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Why You Need Lawyers After Your Failure to Yield Accident

One of the key mistakes made by victims after accidents caused by running stop signs or other failure to yield crashes is deciding that they don’t need a lawyer. It is easy to downplay the severity of a car accident. Especially if you walk away from it with minimal medical care and pain. Skipping a lawyer consult may seem like a time-saving move, especially when the other party’s insurance adjuster calls to offer a settlement. They sound so nice, show concern over your health, and make sure to verify that you’re not seriously injured before offering a settlement amount. It might seem a little low, but they promise you that it’s the best their company can do for such a minor crash.

The scenario described above happens all over the country every day. The other driver’s insurance adjuster is not your friend. Their interest in your health and wellbeing extends only as far as they can use it to convince you to accept a lower settlement. Every time an insurance adjuster reaches out to the victim of a crash caused by one of their drivers, they have a single goal: save the company as much money as possible while getting the victim to sign away their right to sue.

You need someone who is on your side. Whether you’re hit while turning left, the other driver ran a red light, or you’re in another type of crash caused by someone else’s failure to follow traffic laws, the damages can be substantial. Depending on the details of your accident, you might be able to seek damages for medical bills, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

What about negotiating with the insurance adjuster on your own? Of course, you have the legal right to negotiate with the insurance adjuster. Keep in mind that they have years or even decades of experience in minimizing settlement amounts. While you may be able to convince them to increase their amount slightly, you may have better results working with attorneys who know the tips and tricks of the insurance industry.

At Oronoz & Ericsson, we are passionate about helping victims get what they deserve. A car accident can change your life forever, and we’ve seen too many people who accept a low settlement and later don’t have the money they need to cover medical bills, make up for lost income, or provide for their family. By contacting us early in the process—before you accept a settlement or even before you communicate with the insurance company at all—you can give yourself the best chance possible.

What Can Cause Failure to Yield Accidents

“Failure to yield” is a fairly broad term that covers many types of traffic accidents. Generally, this type of crash happens when one driver doesn’t follow traffic laws or signage and fails to give right-of-way to others on the road. Examples of failure to yield accidents include:

  • Failure to yield at an intersection — can often result in other vehicle getting T-boned or sideswiped
  • Hit a car that ran a stop sign—while you may be the one who actually strikes the other vehicle, they may be at fault because of their failure to adhere to road signs
  • Getting hit while turning left — if you have a left turn signal and someone driving straight ignores the signal, they could cause a left-hand turn accident where you’re not at fault
  • A driver turning right across a bicycle lane and striking a bicyclist
  • Sideswiping a vehicle when merging, causing a car accident hit on the passenger side or driver’s side

A number of factors can cause failure to yield accidents. Distracted driving is a common cause. Aggressive, impaired, or impatient drivers can also cause these types of crashes.

What to Do After a Failure to Yield Crash

As soon as you’ve been involved in a crash, check to make sure that everyone in your vehicle is okay and call emergency services. Report any injuries to emergency personnel so they can send appropriate assistance. Even if you think your injuries are minor, accept medical attention. Injuries are often more severe than they appear at first glance, and you need documentation from medical professionals to build a personal injury case.

Once everyone is safe and you have a few minutes, reach out to Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers. Retaining a lawyer before you communicate with the other party’s insurance company can help you avoid mistakes that reduce your settlement or cause you to lose your right to sue. Once you have hired a lawyer, all communication with the insurance company can go through your attorney.

When you work with the team at Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers, we strive to prove the other party’s fault and hold them accountable for the harm they cause. Throughout the process, one of our goals is determining fault. Car accidents at left-turn intersections often attribute some fault to both parties. On the other hand, a T-bone stop sign accident may be entirely attributed to the driver who ran the stop sign. We need to look at the evidence to figure out what your options are.

Start the Healing Process and Let Us Handle Your Legal Needs

At Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC, we want to help our clients get their lives back to normal after a car crash. The consequences of a car crash can last for years, and we can help you figure out your damages and secure a fair settlement. Take the first step now, and fill out our online form or call us at (702) 878-2889.