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Common Types of Multiple Vehicle Accidents

  • Read-End Collisions: At Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers, we handle claims arising from rear-end collisions involving two, three, or more vehicles. We often represent individuals injured in the first vehicle to be hit. We represent those injured in the middle car in a three-car accident, which typically sustains damage to the back and front of the car. We also represent individuals injured in the vehicle at the front of the chain of rear-end collisions.
  • Chain Reaction Car Accidents: We have handled all types of pileup accidents in which one collision sets off a series of collisions. Whether you were in the first or last vehicle struck, we are here to thoroughly investigate each step of the chain reaction.
  • Intersection Crashes: When a collision begins in an intersection, it is all too easy for the vehicles involved to cause subsequent collisions. For example, a vehicle moving forward through an intersection that is struck by a car turning left may be shoved into one or more other vehicles.
  • Highway Accidents: Collisions on a highway often lead to pileups. When a vehicle moves at high speeds, such as 60 mph or faster, it can be impossible to control when another vehicle strikes it and changes its direction. For example, if Car B clips Car A on the back-right bumper, Car A may spin and strike several other vehicles.

Who Is At Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

When you are hurt in a crash involving three or more vehicles, it can be difficult to figure out who is at fault. We recommend calling a multi-vehicle accident lawyer who will thoroughly investigate the crash.

At Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers, we have experience identifying fault in multi-car accidents. Our Las Vegas injury attorneys begin by obtaining the police report, reviewing any photos and video footage we can find, and speaking to eyewitnesses (See also: questions to ask an accident witness).

Depending on the complexity of the crash, we may quickly identify the driver at fault for the initial collision. For example, the vehicle at fault for a multiple rear-end collision is often the vehicle in the rear of the chain. Or, we may hire an accident reconstructionist to analyze the data and identify the initial collision that led to the rest.

In most multi-vehicle accidents, the liable party is the negligent driver that caused the first of two or more collisions. For example, the first vehicle (Car A) to rear-end the car in front of it (Car B) is responsible for Car B colliding with Car C.

Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Our lawyers have handled multi-vehicle crashes arising from:

Comparative Negligence in Nevada

Determining the first motorist to negligently collide with another car in a multi-vehicle crash is essential. However, that first negligent driver may not be the last. More than one driver may have been careless and contributed to the pileup.

When your car accident lawyer’s investigation uncovers more than one motorist’s negligence, we may recommend pursuing compensation under multiple insurance policies. We may file claims against two or more driver’s insurance policies or name two more drivers in a personal injury lawsuit.

When more than one driver is to blame for your injuries, then Nevada’s modified comparative negligence law applies. The insurer, judge, or jury deciding your case must determine who contributed to your collision, including yourself. The insurer or court will assign each party a percentage of fault, adding up to 100%.

A jury may find Driver A is 80% at fault, Driver B is 20% responsible, and you are 0% at fault. A jury could find you were 15% at fault, and Driver A was 85% responsible. Or, Driver A and B may both be 50% at fault. The ratio of responsibility depends on the facts in your case.

As long as you are less than half at fault, you can recover compensation. However, an insurer or court will reduce your compensation by your percentage of fault. If you are 50% or more at fault, the law prohibits you from obtaining compensation.

Joint and Several Liability Does Not Apply to Collisions

Under the concept of joint and several liability, every defendant that is responsible for a plaintiff’s injuries could be held 100% responsible for the plaintiff’s compensation. Nevada, however, limits when defendants are subject to joint and several liability. Typically, this concept does not apply to multi-vehicle accidents arising from negligence.

In Nevada, for each defendant to be 100% liable for a plaintiff’s damages, the case must be based on:

  • Nevada’s strict liability law;
  • An intentional wrongful act;
  • The emission, disposal, or spill of a hazardous substance;
  • The defendants’ concerted acts; or
  • A dangerous product manufactured, distributed, sold, or used in Nevada.

If joint and several liability applied to a crash, you could pursue all of your compensation from any liable defendant. However, joint and several liability does not apply to ordinary negligence cases.

In car accident claims based on negligence, the insurer or court will apportion responsibility based on the modified comparative negligence rule. This assignment of responsibility dictates how much compensation you can demand from each at-fault driver.

In Nevada, each at-fault driver is only responsible for the part of the judgment that represents their percentage of negligence. If Driver A is 80% at fault, they are liable for 80% of your compensation. Driver B, who is 20% at fault, is responsible for 20% of your compensation.

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