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As joyful as it can be to be a parent, it also is frightening and difficult. Taking care of an infant, toddler, or young child at home is challenging. It may seem easier when you send your child to daycare or school, but then you experience the worry that something could happen when you aren’t looking. When you receive news that your child was injured on the school playground or in a crash, or your child was abused at daycare, your priority is your child’s safety. Next, you should talk with a child injury lawyer about your rights and options.

You may have a right to file a child injury lawsuit against a school district, daycare, private business, municipality, or motorist. By working with an experienced attorney at Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC, you have someone to investigate your child’s injury, identify the liable party, and guide you through a claim for compensation.

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Common Locations of Child Injures in Las Vegas

At Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC, we have worked on child injury cases arising from all types of neglect and abuse. Some of the most common places children get hurt include:

  • Private Daycare: Many parents rely on a private daycare to take care of their children while they work. You may discover that the caretaker’s negligence or abuse hurt your child.
  • Public or Private School: Your child may be injured at school by another child, an adult, or a hazard on the property.
  • Public Playground or Park: Your child may get hurt because of a hazard at a local park or playground.
  • Public or Private Pool: You may frequent a public or private pool on hot days in Las Vegas. If your child was injured because of danger on the property or a negligent lifeguard, call us right away.
  • Entertainment Venues: Your children may go to indoor parks, gyms, trampoline parks, theaters, and many other entertainment venues with family or for friend’s birthday parties. If these businesses do not properly maintain their premises and supervise events, your child could be hurt.
  • Car Accidents: Auto accidents can cause children serious injuries, particularly if their caretaker did not secure your child in a safety seat properly.

What to Do When Your Child Is Injured at Daycare

When you drop off your child at daycare, you should be confident it is a safe environment. The daycare staff should provide healthy meals and beverages. The caretakers should be qualified, attentive, and kind. You should not doubt that the environment is free from danger, and also enriching for your child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

Our childcare lawyers are here to help when you learn or begin to suspect that your daycare providers have neglected or abused your child. We will conduct an in-depth investigation into your child’s injuries and the conditions at the daycare facility. We will look into whether the facility is properly licensed and whether anyone filed a complaint against the facility in the past.

If if our daycare injury lawyers find evidence neglect or abuse led to your child’s injuries, we can represent you in a lawsuit against that facility or a specific individual.

Daycare Negligence

Negligence arises when daycare providers fail to maintain the standard of care required by law. Nevada has numerous laws regarding licensing and quality of care at childcare facilities. Negligence may arise to the level of a regulatory violation, such as failing to provide necessary meals. However, negligence does not have to violate a law or regulation to endanger your child.

Common forms of daycare negligence include:

  • Lack of supervision
  • Unqualified daycare workers
  • Understaffed daycares
  • Lack of proper food and beverages
  • A dirty environment
  • Access to dangerous objects and substances
  • Exposure to inappropriate media
  • Exposure to drugs and alcohol
  • Exposure to dangerous dogs and other animals

Careless conduct by daycare staff members can place children in harm’s way. For example, children may gain access to harmful chemicals that could be ingested or inhaled. Babies may be left to sleep on their stomachs. Children may fall off playground equipment.

If your child was hurt at daycare, and you believe it was because of negligent care, call us to discuss suing a daycare for negligence. Our daycare negligence lawyers have handled a wide range of cases and have succeeded in improving conditions at daycare facilities and obtaining fair compensation for injured minors and their parents.

Daycare Abuse in Law Vegas, NV

Daycare negligence may be unintentional. Abuse, however, is intentional, willful, and knowingly harmful conduct.

Your child may suffer physical abuse if they are struck or improperly restrained by a daycare worker. Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC are here to hold a daycare provider responsible when a staff member intentionally causes a child harm. Our daycare lawyers also handle cases involving sexual abuse, whether your child suffered during a single occurrence or from on-going sexual abuse.

If you suspect a daycare staff member has sexually abused your child, call the police right away and then contact a child injury attorney. We are here to aggressively fight to protect your child and other children at daycares where abuse has occurred.

Signs of Abuse at Daycare

Signs that a daycare staff member may be abusing your child include:

  • Unexplained changes in your child’s typical mood or behavior
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Inability to concentrate that differs from your child’s usual abilities
  • Fear of going to daycare or of a specific daycare worker
  • Attempts to run away from home or the daycare, specifically
  • Flinching from sudden movements or certain people
  • Being overly eager to please adults
  • Displaying unusual interest in sexual matters
  • Displaying unusual and inappropriate sexual knowledge
  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, or welts
  • Recurring nightmares or night terrors
  • Regression, including thumb sucking, excessive crying, bed wetting, or clinginess
  • Urinary tract infects (UTIs)
  • Other infections around the genitals or anus
  • Blood in a child’s diaper or underwear

As a parent, you have to trust your gut. You notice when your child starts behaving differently or regressing to less mature behavior.

When your instincts tell you something is wrong, talk with your child. Reassure them that they can tell you anything. If the signs and your child’s answers lead you to suspect physical or sexual abuse, contact the police. Then, call Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC to speak with a Las Vegas child injury lawyer.

What to Do When Your Child Is Injured at School

If you get a call from the school telling you that your child has been hurt, it is important to figure out what happened and why.

  • Did another child cause the injury? If so, was no one supervising the children at the time? Did teachers, aides, coaches, or administrators allow a child to bully your son or daughter? Is this the first or a subsequent time that the other child has picked on or hurt your son or daughter?
  • Did an adult at the school harm your child? If you believe a teacher, aid, coach, administrator, volunteer, or other adult associated with the school or district abused or sexually assaulted your child, contact the police. Then call a lawyer to discuss your rights to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator or school district.
  • Did a hazard on the property cause your child’s injuries? Many schools are in older buildings and have older equipment. If the district fails to keep the building, playground, and other parts of the property well maintained, your child could be hurt by a preventable hazard.

Talk with us at Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC about filing a lawsuit when your child is injured at school. When there is evidence that negligence or intentional abuse caused your child harm, you may be entitled to pursue a claim against the district. However, you may not be able to file a lawsuit right away.

You may need to provide the school district with notice of a claim first and go through the administrative claim process. The Clark County School District (CCSD) Risk and Environmental Services Department is responsible for reviewing property damage and bodily injury claims and overseeing insurance payouts.

If the CCSD refuses to resolve your child’s injury claim or fails to respond, we will help you pursue compensation for your child hurt at school through a personal injury lawsuit.

Was Your Child Injured in a Car Accident?

A car accident can happen at any time, so when you’re driving with children, it’s important to take proper precautions. If your child was injured in a car crash when you or another adult was driving, call a child injury lawyer. An attorney can guide you in pursuing compensation for your child’s injuries. Following most car accidents, our focus is on identifying relevant insurance policies and negotiating an appropriate settlement.

When a driver in another vehicle is responsible for the crash and your child’s injuries, we will demand compensation from that driver’s auto insurer. When necessary, we will recommend filing a lawsuit against the negligent motorist. We will investigate fault and whether the driver was negligent, intoxicated, or reckless.

If a school or daycare employee was driving the vehicle at the time, call us immediately to discuss the district or daycare’s responsibility. Whether or not the school or daycare employee was liable for the crash, your child may be covered the entity’s insurance policy. If the employee was at fault for the crash, we would represent you in a claim against the business or school district.

If the school or daycare employee failed to secure your child in a safety seat properly, they might be partly liable for your child’s injuries. In this situation, we will demand compensation through an administrative claim or lawsuit while also pursuing compensation from the at-fault driver.

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Was Your Child Hurt a Private Business?

At Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC, our child injury attorneys often represent minors in claims against private businesses, such as pools, gymnasiums, trampoline parks, theaters, and other entertainment facilities.

When a business’s negligence causes your child harm, we are here to thoroughly investigate the accident. We will gather evidence on your behalf and represent your family through a lawsuit and insurance claim. We will fight for you and your child to receive the maximum compensation possible for your son or daughter’s injuries.

Compensation in Child Injury Lawsuits

When a daycare, school, other business, or motorist is responsible for your child’s injuries, we are here to fight for your child to receive appropriate compensation.

We will demand compensation for:

  • Your child’s past and future medical expenses;
  • Your child’s past and future pain and suffering;
  • Your child’s emotional distress;
  • Your child’s disability;
  • Your child’s permanent disfigurement;
  • Your child’s lost career opportunities and reduced earning capacity; and
  • Your child’s reduced quality of life.

How a Child Injury Claim Differs From an Adult’s Personal Injury Claim

There are a few important distinctions between personal injury claims for an adult’s injuries versus a child’s injuries.

  • A child under 18 years old cannot file a lawsuit. A parent must file the lawsuit on the child’s behalf. Or, the child has a certain period after turning 18 to file on their own. However, it is typically better for a parent or guardian to file as soon as possible.
  • A child’s compensation must go into a trust account. As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for setting up a trust account to hold the settlement or court award until your child turns 18 years old.
  • We made need to establish a lifecare plan: Depending on your child’s injuries, we may be required to establish a long-term care plan that encompasses the type and amount of care your child will need throughout the future.

Let a Child Injury Lawyer Fight For Your Family

Never hesitate to reach out to a lawyer to learn about your rights and options when your child has been hurt. Our team at Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC is happy to talk with you, listen to your story, and offer advice. By calling (702) 878-2889 or submitting your information through our online form, you can schedule a free initial consultation.