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The crowds in Vegas hotels and casinos require staff members to always be on high alert to identify and resolve potential hazards. Hotels, casinos, and restaurants cater to what premises liability law refers to as “invitees” — customers and clients that require the highest standard of care.

If you suffered a slip and fall on these premises, you could be entitled to compensation to recover from your injuries.
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What Are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are a branch of premises liability. They are exactly as they sound — an individual who slips or trips on a surface and falls, resulting in serious injury. While these accidents all involve someone slipping and falling, the cause and location of their fall vary, and the case facts determine who’s liable.

Victims may slip in a property’s parking lot or trip over cluttered walkways inside a grocery store. Whatever the case, each property owner has a duty to provide visitors with a safe space free of hazards.

Some individuals are owed a higher duty of care than others, depending on the type of visitor, which includes the following:

  • Invitees – These include clients and customers on a property for business. Businesses owe these individuals the highest standard of care, and property owners must ensure they identify any known hazards to protect their guests.
  • Licensees – Utility workers, firefighters, and police officers are considered licensees. They are permitted to enter the premises, but they are there primarily for their benefit since the property owner isn’t paid for their presence.
  • Trespassers – Property owners owe the least standard of care to trespassers — unlawful entrants to public or private property. The only time a property owner is liable for a trespasser’s injury is if the owner causes willful or wanton harm to them.

Common Causes of Slip and Falls

Your slip and fall accident might result from many different types of building violations. A classic example is a neglected wet restaurant or hotel lobby floor. Other causes of slip-and-falls include:

  • Defective stairs and railings
  • Torn carpets
  • Bad lighting
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Lack of hazard-warning signage

Identifying the Root Cause of Slip and Falls: Negligence

Due to the masses of visitors that frequent Vegas Casinos and Hotels, staff members must be even more attentive to hazards compared to the average service worker. For this reason, Las Vegas businesses must ensure that enough staff members are on duty to resolve hazards quickly and keep high-traffic areas safe. If they don’t, and someone is injured on the premises, the property owner could be liable for any damages.

Where Do Slip and Falls Happen?

 Slip and fall accidents often occur in high-traffic areas, such as:

  • Restrooms
  • Entryways
  • Restaurant Bars
  • Stairwells
  • Game Tables

Note that slip and falls don’t have to occur inside the building. Parking lots and poolside walkways are also hazardous areas.

Who’s Liable for Slip and Falls in Las Vegas

Several parties could share liability for your slip and fall accident, including the following:

  • Casino Owners and Security Staff – Casino staff must ensure that all areas are safe for guests, which includes fixing defective chairs, identifying torn carpet hazards, and closing off potentially dangerous areas.
  • Restaurant Owners and Staff – The restaurant bar is a common area for most slip and falls. Guests wade shoulder to shoulder through crowds of people, spilling drinks on the floor. Bartenders and other staff workers could be negligent for not promptly responding to spilled liquids.
  • Hotel Staff – Defective stairwells and wet hotel lobbies with cluttered luggage could result in serious slip and fall injuries. Staff members must ensure that lobbies and hallways are clear of hazards that could cause an accident.

Nevada Comparative Negligence

Nevada’s comparative negligence laws state that you could be denied compensation if you are more than 50% responsible for your injuries. Further, your claim’s value will be reduced by your percentage of liability if you are less than 50% liable. For example, if you’re claim is worth $100,000, and you are 10% liable, you only receive $90,000 in compensation.

Las Vegas Slip and Fall Damages 

Slip and fall accidents result in many short and long-term damages that require significant compensation to recover from. You might have broken several bones or strained your back, resulting in chronic pain that requires ongoing treatment. Depending on your case, you could be entitled to the following damages:

  • Mental Suffering
  • Physical Pain
  • Loss of Quality of Life
  • Medical Expenses
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Lost Wages

Hurt in a Slip and Fall? We Can Help 

You should be able to enjoy yourself in Vegas hotels, casinos, and restaurants without the fear of suffering from a slip-and-fall accident. It’s the property owner’s responsibility to ensure hazardous areas or defective parts of the property are resolved in a timely manner.

If they don’t, and you slip, trip, and fall, you can sue for max compensation. Our slip and fall lawyers at Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC know what evidence to gather to strengthen your claim. We’ll talk to witnesses and collect any photos or videos you have of the scene to fight for your full recovery.

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