Videos About Excessive Force By Security and Bouncers

Per capita, Las Vegas has perhaps the largest number of nightclubs, bars, and resorts in the United States. At each of those locations, you will find security personnel. Sometimes, we find that people get injured because of inadequate security. Sometimes, we find that people get injured unnecessarily because of hyper-aggressive security. Sometimes, the security provided at some venues is perfectly fine.

However, a disturbing trend has been seen in Las Vegas recently. We’ve seen a number of cases where perfectly innocent people were attacked and severely injured by other patrons while security did nothing to protect them. Equally disturbing, we’ve seen many cases where patrons, seeking to enjoy themselves, behave inappropriately and encounter overly-aggressive and violent bouncers or security guards who have attacked them for the flimsiest reasons. Rarely a week goes by where someone is not seriously injured at a Las Vegas bar, nightclub, or other entertainment venue, either because of a lack of security or a situation where overly-combative security attacks without a justified basis. These cases present very specific issues that require development and are frequently hotly-contested. We have found that oftentimes, security guards will assault patrons in a way where camera coverage is minimized. Unfortunately, the barriers to entry in this area of employment are quite low. We have seen a disturbing trend where overly-aggressive young males have been involved in a number of unnecessary physical altercations and have severely injured patrons without any consequence. If there is a consequence, typically, the abusive security guard simply just moves on to a new security job. Unfortunately, this results in a vicious cycle of a number of ill-trained over-aggressive, and quite frankly, criminally-minded, individuals hopping from job to job and attacking patrons for little or no reason. This is not meant to disparage the entire industry, but the security industry in Las Vegas has more than its fair share of bad apples. Frequently, security guards will attack a patron as a group, severely injure the patron, and then coordinate their stories for law enforcement. Obviously, this presents challenges to these types of cases. At Oronoz and Ericsson Injury Lawyers, we specialize in defending the rights of individuals who are either attacked by ill-trained, ill-suited security guards or bouncers or individuals who are not protected by apathetic, poorly trained and uninterested security personnel. These cases present novel issues, typically not seen in other personal injury cases. If you or a loved one is injured by a security guard or a bouncer, or injured in a situation where a security guard or bouncer didn’t adequately protect you, call the lawyers at Oronoz and Ericsson Injury Lawyers. We know how to fight these cases and win. We can help.

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