How Damage Location Matters in a Car Accident to Determine Fault

James Oronoz

The type and location of your vehicle’s damage can determine fault in a car accident insurance claim or lawsuit. You may be unaware of this; however, Las Vegas car accident lawyers use this information to your advantage.

Car Crash Factors That Determine Fault

Car crashes could be caused by other drivers, a third party, or a sudden impact on an object, like a utility pole. All of which result in different damage to your car, and depending on the details, it can be clear who is at fault.

These details include:

Damage Location & Liability

For example, suppose your car has front-end damage. In that case, that might signify that the front vehicle driver was negligent and caused the accident. Rear vehicle damage indicates a rear-end accident. Rear-end accidents are often caused by rear driver negligence resulting from failure to stop at a red light or stop sign.

Scrapes and dents can also determine which parts of the car made contact and what position the car was in at the time of the accident.

Accident Reconstruction in Las Vegas

You might be curious as to how investigators can use the vehicle damage to prove fault. That is where an expert accident reconstructionist comes in.

Experts use technical information about the size, make, and model of all involved vehicles. Doing so allows them to create a simulation of the accident. An accident reconstructionist takes the guesswork out of establishing fault to strengthen your claim.

Photograph the Scene

After the accident, be sure to take as many photos as possible. The car accident scene will change quickly as the ambulance arrives and police secure and clear the area.

The more photos you have of the surrounding area, including utility poles, debris, and other materials, the better. Photographic evidence preserves details that the naked eye might otherwise overlook, such as skid marks.

Dealing with the Insurer After a Car Accident

Insurance companies may seem like they’re on your side, but the truth is different. Insurers lose money by paying out on claims. Nevada is a fault state for car accidents, so you’ll be filing a claim with the liable party’s insurer.

You can expect them to try to make it appear as though the damage to your car existed before the accident. They may even blame the cause of the accident on you. Don’t let them get away with settling your claim for less than you deserve.

Let a Las Vegas car accident lawyer take your statement and negotiate the terms of your injury settlement. You deserve time to rest and recover from your injuries.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Your vehicle’s damage could have a dramatic impact on your case. A skilled attorney can negotiate with insurers and recruit the help of an accident reconstructionist to provide the evidence needed to win your claim. Call our personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation. Call (702) 878-2889 or fill out our quick contact form.

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