Most Dangerous Toys of the Year

James Oronoz

Product safety is essential, especially when consumers are children. Toys go through intense testing to make sure they are safe. However, some of them are released as dangerous objects and injure children. Read below to learn about some of the most dangerous toys of the year.

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1. Contigo Kids Water Bottles

Contigo announced a recall of 5.7 million water bottles marketed to children due to a choking hazard. The water bottle’s clear silicone spout can detach and get lodged in a child’s throat. The bottles had been previously recalled in August 2019, and replacement lids were provided to consumers at that time. Contigo is offering a replacement.

2. Step2 Little Helper’s Grocery Shopping Carts

Step2 recalled around 17,000 Little Helper’s grocery shopping carts because the basket can break into sharp pieces leading to a laceration risk. The recall applies to model 7000000 with date code wheels set on “5” and “19.” Step2 is offering a replacement.

3. Woom Bicycles

Several models of Woom bicycles were recalled due to fall and injury hazards. Models 4, 5, and 6 were removed from the market because the bicycle’s front fork can loosen and detach. This applied to around 5,500 total bikes sold in the United States. Woom is offering a repair.

4. Kids & Koalas Baby Walkers

Around 3,600 Kids & Koalas baby walkers were recalled because they failed to meet federal safety standards. The walkers’ problem is that they can fit through a standard doorway and do not stop at the edge of a step. They also have leg openings that allow a child to slip through them, which could result in a child’s head getting trapped. They were exclusively sold on Amazon, which is offering a refund for the product.

5. Musical Lili Llama

Manhattan Toy recalled around 4,000 Musical Lili Llamas due to a choking hazard. The screws used to attach the spinning flowers can become loose and fall off. The remedy is a repair.

6. Costway Baby Strollers

Costway recalled more than 16,000 baby strollers due to a violation of the federal stroller and carriage safety standard. They pose a fall, entrapment, and strangulation hazard due to a large opening between the seat bottom and restraint. The company is offering a refund.

7. Super Soaker Water Blasters

Hasbro recalled about 77,500 Super Soaker Water Blasters due to a violation of regulations. The decorative sticker on the water tank may contain levels of lead that exceed regulatory limits.

8. Manhattan Ball Activity Toys

Nearly 22,100 teething toys sold exclusively at Target were recalled due to a choking hazard for young children. The Manhattan Ball Activity Toy has plastic tubes that can detach from the center of the ball and release small silicone parts threaded on the tube. Target is offering a refund.

9. Aflac Doctor Duck

More than 635,500 plush Aflac doctor ducks were recalled due to a violation of regulations. The buttons on the duck’s lab coat contain levels of lead that exceed federal content standards. It can be dangerous if ingested by young children. The company suggests disposing of the toy immediately.

10. Morfboard Skate & Scoot Scooters

Jakks Pacific recalled 162,300 scooters that have a fall hazard. The Morfboard Skate & Scoot Combo scooters with “Y” handlebars have a risk of breaking at the handlebar joint, posing a danger to children. The company is offering repair.

How Do I Know if My Child’s Toy Is Dangerous?

Most dangerous toys are recalled quickly after they injure a few children. If a toy you’ve purchased has been recalled, it would be listed on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website. You can search for specific products there and find out what to do if your child was injured or how to get rid of the dangerous toy.

Call an Attorney if Your Child Is Injured

If your child is playing with a toy and is injured, you may be entitled to compensation. The experienced child injury lawyers at Oronoz & Ericsson can help. We will listen to your story and determine your steps to move forward with a claim. We can handle all of the legal details for you while you take care of your injured child. Call us today at (702) 878-2889 or use our online contact form.

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