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Uber and Lyft came to Las Vegas and Henderson in 2015. Since then, rideshares have chauffeured countless passengers around town. And with so many Ubers and Lyfts on the road, only a matter of time before a serious accident happens. At Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC, we are here to help the victims of these Lyft and Uber accidents.

Let our experienced Lyft and Uber accident lawyers investigate the crash that led to your injuries. We can help you pursue compensation against one or more insurance policies. You rarely have the right to sue Uber or Lyft directly. But Lyft or Uber’s insurance e can provide fair compensation.

To talk about an Uber or Lyft accident, contact us online or call (702) 878-2889 to schedule a free consultation.

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Earlier this year I was traveling with my family when we were hit at a high speed by a drunk driver. The impact was so severe that my car was thrown completely off the road…

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Which Scenario Fits Your Accident?


I Was Driving for Uber/Lyft and Was Hit

Like other motorists, when Uber and Lyft drivers are injured by careless drive, they deserve compensation. We’ll explain the insurance process and your rights.

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I Was an Uber/Lyft Passenger that Was in an Accident

As an injured passenger, you need to hold the negligent driver accountable, whether it’s an Uber/Lyft diver or another motorist. Let us explain how.

Click if you were an Uber passenger

I Was Hit By an Uber/Lyft

These companies carry large insurance for their drivers. When they act recklessly, and you get hurt, you deserve to have your losses covered too.

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Common Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents

Uber and Lyft accident claims arise in all sorts of circumstances. Some of the most common causes of these crashes include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Impaired driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Driving through stoplights and stop signs
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Improperly merging, changing lanes, or passing
  • Following too closely Failing to check blind spots

I Was Driving for Uber/Lyft and Was Hit

As an Uber or Lyft driver, you do not want to be responsible for an accident, and you do not want to be the victim of a crash, either. Unfortunately, you cannot control other drivers. A careless or reckless motorist may hit you, damaging your car and injuring you while you work. This will not only be painful, but it could also prevent you from earning a living.

When the other motorist is at fault, you can recover compensation from that driver’s auto insurance policy. You also may have comprehensive, collision, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that helps with your damages.

If you were signed in and had accepted a ride request at the time of the crash, Lyft or Uber’s contingent collision, comprehensive, or UM/UIM coverage can help as well. These contingent policies are only available if you have them as part of your personal auto coverage. You also may be responsible for a deductible.

Working with an experienced Uber and Lyft attorney lets you clearly demonstrate fault to the other drivers’ insurance and lets you focus on getting better while we work on getting you compensation and your vehicle repaired.


I Was an Uber/Lyft Passenger that Was in an Accident

As a passenger in an Uber accident, or Lyft accident, we recommend talking with an Uber accident attorney about the insurance claim process. How you pursue compensation for your injuries depends on who caused the accident.

When your Uber or Lyft driver was to blame, you may be entitled to compensation under Lyft or Uber’s $1 million insurance policy. But suppose another motorist was negligent or shared responsibility for the crash before you can receive a Lyft or Uber accident settlement. In that case, you may need to pursue a claim against the other at-fault driver’s auto insurance.

Can I Sue Uber or Lyft?

Uber and Lyft drivers are not employees of the rideshare companies. They are independent contractors. Uber and Lyft structure their businesses this way on purpose. Because drivers are independent contractors and not employees, Lyft and Uber are not automatically liable for the driver’s conduct.

In a car accident where the Uber or Lyft driver or another motorist is at fault, Uber or Lyft is not responsible beyond the insurance coverage they provide. And even then, Lyft or Uber insurance coverage is typically secondary to the at-fault driver’s insurance.

To sue Lyft or Uber, you need evidence that the company itself was negligent and caused the accident. For example, the companies may be liable for negligent hiring or another action that causes them to be liable. Your attorney may be able to find a basis on which the companies can be held legally liable as well.


I Was Hit By an Uber/Lyft

Just because the at-fault driver has an Uber or Lyft logo in their windshield does not mean the rideshare company is liable for the crash. If the negligent driver was not working for Uber or Lyft at the time of the accident, then you must file a claim against the driver’s auto policy for your injuries.

But if the rideshare driver signed into the Uber or Lyft app at the time of the crash, you may be able to recover compensation from Uber or Lyft’s policy.

You may not know the driver’s status at the time. Your best option is to consult an experienced personal injury attorney, who can investigate and determine if they were logged in at the time.

Rideshare & Pedestrian Accidents

Uber and Lyft accidents don’t just happen to other vehicles. Las Vegas has plenty of pedestrians, particularly on The Strip. If you were crossing the street or out for a run and were hit by a reckless Uber or Lyft, call an Uber accident lawyer at Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC immediately.

We have a lot of experience in pedestrian and rideshare accidents. We will thoroughly investigate the incident and determine whether the driver signed into the Uber or Lyft app and whether they had accepted a ride request. These facts will influence the insurance coverage for your accident.

Lyft & Uber Insurance Coverage

Both Uber and Lyft provide some amount of insurance coverage. The type and limit of the coverage depend on whether the driver was signed into the app and had accepted a ride request.

  • When the driver is in “off mode” for either Uber or Lyft, that driver’s personal auto insurance is the only coverage.
  • When a driver is signed in but has not accepted a ride request, Uber and Lyft provide limited third-party liability coverage. Lyft and Uber provide $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident for bodily injuries, and $25,000 for property damage.
  • When the driver accepts a ride request and drops the passenger off, Uber and Lyft offer third-party liability up to $1 million, contingent comprehensive and collision coverage, and UM/UIM coverage for bodily injuries.

Talk with an experienced Uber accident lawyer to learn more about Uber and Lyft insurance coverage and how to effectively pursue an insurance settlement for the injuries the accident caused you.

Contact Our Lyft or Uber Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas For Help

When you are injured in a collision involving Lyft or Uber, call Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC right away. You may be up against a complicated insurance claim process with more than one company. Instead of doing everything yourself, let our Uber accident lawyers handle everything and fight for maximum compensation.

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