Motor Vehicle Technology That Can Keep You Safe

James Oronoz

Although some car accidents cannot be avoided, some types of motor vehicle technology keep you safe while on the road. They can help you maneuver your own vehicle and avoid others that may come into your space while driving.

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Automatic Emergency Braking

This technology automatically applies brakes when a forward collision is imminent. Automatic emergency braking is National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommended safety technology that meets the government agency’s performance specifications.

There is also another braking system that detects pedestrians crossing in front of vehicles and warns the driver. The Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking system can also apply the brakes automatically if a collision is imminent.

Adaptive Cruise Control

While cruise control allows you to select and maintain a constant speed without using the accelerator, adaptive cruise control takes your abilities one step further. Adaptive systems can sense other vehicles ahead of you and adjust your speed to stay a safe distance behind them. Some systems can also incorporate emergency braking to help slow your vehicle and avoid a collision.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights are a responsive technology that is designed to illuminate the road ahead of you during turns. They improve nighttime visibility, especially on curved roads. As you turn on the road, your headlights will illuminate around the curve.

Forward-Collision Warning

The forward-collision warning system allows your vehicle to detect a potential collision in front of you and warn you in advance. It monitors your speed as well as the speed of the motor vehicle in front of you. If the distance between the two decreases too much, it warns you of an impending crash. The forward-collision warning system does not take full control of the vehicle or prevent you from operating the vehicle.

Rearview Video System or Backup Camera

A backup camera allows you to have a clear view directly behind the vehicle. When you put your car into reverse, a camera mounted to the rear of your car will send an image to a monitor in your cab to show you what is behind you.

An even newer type of camera system is a 360-degree camera. This gives you a view of the entire area surrounding your car. The 360-degree camera system requires several video cameras placed strategically around your vehicle, which can then be combined into one top-down view.

Lane Departure Warning

Another technology that can assist you while you drive is a lane departure warning system. It monitors lane markings and provides a warning if you unintentionally cross out of your lane.

This can also be paired with a lane-keeping system, which will automatically and gently steer you back into your lane when you unintentionally drift over lane markings.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help if You’re in an Accident

No matter how much technology you have on your vehicle, a car accident is still possible. When someone else causes your crash, you deserve compensation for their actions.

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