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Have You Suffered A Brain Injury? Our Attorneys Can Help

Traumatic brain injuries are relatively common in the United States, causing millions of emergency room visits every year. Injuries range in severity, from something minor like a mild concussion after a car accident to a serious injury that causes permanent disability or death.

Whether you’ve sustained a traumatic brain injury at work in Las Vegas or Henderson, as the result of a fall, or after a car accident, you don’t want to negotiate with insurance companies on your own. Contact Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers to explore your options. Call us today at (702) 878-2889 or use our online contact form to reach out.


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Why You Need a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

After you sustain a traumatic brain injury, the path to getting compensation for your medical bills, treatment costs, and lost income can be long and complicated. If you are hurt on the job, the workers’ compensation insurance provider may try to prove that your accident wasn’t caused by work, leaving you to handle the bills on your own. If your injuries are caused by a slip and fall accident or car accident, the other party’s insurance provider will do everything in their power to minimize your payout or completely deny you the compensation you deserve.

How do they do that?  They may try to get you to accept fault for the accident or use your official statement to discredit your injuries. You’re at serious risk of being manipulated if your head injuries have left you with confusion, memory loss, severe pain, or other symptoms that make it difficult to communicate clearly. Before you’ve even had a chance to understand what’s happening, you may well end up signing away your rights to a settlement in exchange for a sum that won’t even cover your ambulance bill.

The Las Vegas brain injury lawyers at Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers know exactly what tricks insurance companies use and how they try to minimize their companies’ losses. Our goal is to help victims get fair and appropriate compensation for brain injuries. Due to our extensive experience in personal injury law, we are able to handle every step of the negotiation process. Most personal injury cases settle before ever reaching court. If the other side’s insurance company realizes that their client is at fault, they have solid motivation to settle. Going to court has risks, and both sides benefit from a fair and prompt settlement.

Using all of the evidence we have, we will show the insurance company how their client is responsible for your severe or mild traumatic brain injury. By digging into the details of your case, we can figure out how much your medical bills are likely to be, what type of future care you may need, and what your pain and suffering may be worth. We will negotiate aggressively on your behalf to get you what you deserve.

If the other side’s insurance company won’t negotiate in good faith, our work doesn’t stop there. Your head injury lawyer will prepare for court and create a solid case that the jury can’t ignore. Remember, settling is still an option at this point. As we uncover evidence and develop our case, it’s likely that the insurance company will reconsider and come back to the negotiating table. If we go to court, we will do everything in our power to hold the other party accountable. We have successfully negotiated many major and minor traumatic brain injury settlements. Justice is the first step to healing as you and your family recover from your injuries.

Signs of Traumatic Brain Injuries

After an accident occurs, you may wonder if you really need a brain injury attorney. The initial symptoms of a brain injury are often mild and may lull you into a false sense of security. Seek medical attention of you show any signs of brain injury. Symptoms of minor brain injuries include:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache (often indicative of concussion)
  • Poor concentration or inability to pay attention
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability (may indicate post-concussion syndrome)
  • Poor sleep

Signs of serious injuries include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Headache that worsens over time
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Seizures and convulsions (may
  • Inability to walk (may indicate brain swelling after car accident)
  • Pupil dilation
  • Clear fluid or blood leaking from the ears or nose (may indicate brain bleeding)

Any of these symptoms could be indicative of serious brain damage. The longer you wait to seek medical attention and reach out to a Las Vegas brain injury lawyer, the more difficult it may be to prove the cause of your injuries.

What to Do After a Head Injury From An Accident

If you suspect that you have suffered a brain injury, seek medical care immediately. You need a medical professional to assess the extent of your injuries. Gather as much documentation and evidence as possible, including pictures, contact information of witnesses, and medical reports.

Then, contact Oronoz & Ericsson Injury Lawyers. Our knowledge of brain injury law will help you focus on healing while we handle the legal side of your injury. We work on a contingency fee basis. We only receive payment if we help you get a settlement or verdict. We understand the financial stress that an accident can put on a family, and we don’t want anyone to give up their chance at justice because of attorney’s fees.

We’re Here to Help—Contact Us Now

The sooner you reach out to a Las Vegas brain injury lawyer, the easier it is to build a case and gather the necessary evidence. Instead of focusing on never-ending communications with the insurance company, focus on resting and healing from your injuries while we take care of the rest. Call us at (702) 878-2889 or online form to get more information on your legal options.

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