Types of Truck Accidents

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Semi-trucks, tankers, flatbeds, garbage trucks, and other commercial vehicles are routine sights in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. You might not think much about sharing the road with them. However, these vehicles can weigh tens of thousands of pounds and cause devastating accidents.

Businesses that own commercial trucks should do everything in their power to keep the vehicles operating safely and adhere to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. The people behind the wheel should have their commercial driver’s license, operate the vehicle carefully, and do what they can to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, all too often, someone drives carelessly and causes a serious truck accident.

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Common Types of Truck Accidents

  • Wide Turn Accidents: Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles have a larger turning radius than passenger cars, vans, and trucks. This requires trucks to swing wide when making a right turn. Truck drivers must be trained in how to make a wide right turn safely to avoid collisions or trapping a vehicle between the trailer and curb.
  • Jackknife Accidents: A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer of a semi-truck swings toward the cab, creating a “V” or “L” shape. Jackknife accidents can happen with any articulated vehicle. They often occur because of improper brake maintenance, speeding, improper maneuvers, and wet weather and road conditions. Truck drivers are trained in how to avoid jackknife accidents.
  • Override/Underride Accidents: An override accident occurs when a truck drives over a smaller vehicle. An underride accident involves a smaller vehicle driving under a truck’s trailer. Over- and underride accidents can occur due to truck driver negligence, including if a trucker fails to stop and collides with a much smaller vehicle. Underride accidents also can occur because of truck defects and equipment failures, including broken lights and missing underride guards.
  • T-Bone/Side Impact Accidents: Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles can be involved in collisions in which they strike the side of a vehicle or struck on the side of the tractor or trailer by a vehicle. These incidents can occur when a driver fails to stop at a red light or stop sign or fails to yield the right of way.
  • Rollover Accidents: Tall and heavy vehicles are susceptible to tip over and rollover accidents because of their high center of gravity. Semi-trucks may tip or rollover because of negotiating a curve too fast, sudden steering or oversteering, carrying improperly loaded or unsecured cargo, or colliding with a low barrier, like a curb or guardrail at high speed. Wet or icy road conditions also can contribute to the risk of rollover accidents.
  • Lost Load Accident: Cargo that is improperly secured can come loose from a truck and fall to the road, causing a crash. Truck defects and equipment failures also can cause cargo to fall from the truck.
  • Blind Spot Accidents: 18-wheelers and other large trucks have sizeable blind spots to the front of the cab, rear of the trailer, and to both sides. Truck drivers are trained to be aware of these blind spots and use their mirrors to see as much of the road as possible. Negligent truck drivers or motorists can cause blind spot accidents.
  • Tire Blowout Accidents: The many tires on semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles go through a lot. They carry a heavy load over long distances. The weight and miles add up, and if tires are not properly made and maintained, they may fail during a trip and cause a trucker to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Brake Failure/Runaway Truck Accidents: Brakes are important on any vehicle, but particularly on a semi-truck weighing up to 80,000 lbs. When a truck’s owner, whether it is the truck driver or a motor carrier, fails to inspect and maintain the brakes properly, the equipment may fail and lead to a runaway truck accident. This is a significant risk on an incline.
  • Head-on Accidents: Trucks may be involved in a head-on collision when a truck driver or another motorist drives the wrong way on a one-way street, crosses over into an oncoming lane of traffic, or makes a wide turn.
  • Rear-end Accidents: Commercial trucks may rear-end other vehicles or by struck in the back by a negligent motorist. Rear-end accidents often occur when a truck is unable to make a sudden stop, or the trucker fails to maintain a proper lookout.

Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident?

You should work with a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer to uncover who caused the crash and who is liable for compensating you for your injuries or the loss of a loved one.

Many big rig accidents are caused by a truck driver’s negligence, including the trucker’s failure to recognize a hazard, improper maneuver, or poor decision-making. Other truck wrecks are caused by defects and improper maintenance and are the responsibility of the manufacturer or motor carrier.

Our team at Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC has years of experience handling trucking accident claims. We will thoroughly investigate the collisions to determine what went wrong and why. We will identify who is responsible for the crash, as well as who is responsible for your financial recovery.

Let a Las Vegas Semi-Truck Accident Attorney Help

Pursuing a commercial vehicle accident claim is challenging and frustrating. When you are grieving the loss of a relative or struggling with your own injuries, an insurance claim or litigation can be too much to handle alone.

We recommend you work with us at Oronoz & Ericsson, LLC to ensure someone is on your side to handle the claim efficiently and to fight for you to receive the maximum compensation possible. We have a strong track record of success in Las Vegas or Henderson truck accident claims.

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